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Tours and Safaris

Track A Trail safaris is a tours and safari service provider with specific focus on planned vacations and  trips. We have been in the tours and travels business now for a number of years, and the quality and range of service has evolved over the years. Track A Trail Safaris today offer to make your vacations as memorable as possible. From guidance in planning your vacation to booking hotels, Lodges, campsites etc, depending on your tour packages. Also the selfdrive 4x4 with a leading guide vehicle is quite exiting

Here are some of the Tour and Safari sevices we provide: (Indivudual, Small groups, Familly groups, and Meduim to Large groups)
*  Guided Tours and Safaris within Namibia
*  Guided 4x4 ofroad Tours and Safaris within Namibia for the more adventuress
*  Organized self-drive Tours and Safaris

Guided Tours and Safaris:
We can plan and customize your trip to fit your needs, all over Namibia, if it is a camping trip or just more comfortable accommodation, or even a mix of both.
Contact us to help you plan your trip to fit your needs and also to make sure the time you have to visit will be enough time for what you want to do, with proposal from us to make it a trip that will logisticly work for you, then we book and pay your accommodation for you on the basis you want it etc.

Guided 4x4 ofroad Tours and Safaris:
With the same service as you receive with guided tours and safaris, this is for the bit more adventuress than the normal tours/safaris.  Here we move away from the normall beaten track and could take you on the back roads into areas that might not be within a normal round trip in Namibia.
This said, this will mean that there will be 4x4 ofroad driving, but do not fear, you do not need to be a experienced ofroas 4x4 driver, this is why it is a guided tour with experienced guides to be there for you. Your option to be your own driver, or even have a guide drive for you, there will alway be at leaset a Guiding vehicle with the rest of the vehicles within this group to make sure all is happy and save on your journey and to show you this beautyfull country called Namibia. 
This will be 4x4 vehicle that are kitted with all that is needed for this trip, including rooftop tents to sleep in, so yes, the back routes involves camping most of the time, ut every couple of days we will also stay at place where you have options to use the lodge or still camp at the lodge, all depends on how YOU want it booked.

Organized self-drive Tours and Safaris:
Again we can plan and book your whole trip, meet and greet you to go through your tour and your rental vehicle, after this you go and enjoy your Tour/Safari by yourself.

Whatever you would like to do, contact us, and we will work through the proposals -